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TX Quality Improvement Award 
Wednesday, 23 May 2012 
DALLAS - May 23, 2012 -- Centennial Medical Center in Frisco, Texas recently received the Texas Health Care Quality Improvement Silver Award from the TMF Health Quality Institute for its commitment to delivering high quality care to patients. Centennial and 118 other hospitals in Texas were honored for the Silver Award at a ceremony on May 3 in Austin, Texas. 

“Centennial is proud to receive an award recognizing its dedication to patient care,” said Joe Thomason, Centennial Medical Center’s chief executive officer. “It is our highest priority to deliver quality care to the community and patients we serve, and we are pleased that our hard work and improvement is being recognized by the TMF Health Quality Institute.”

The award recognizes hospitals that have undertaken quality initiatives to improve outcomes in patient care, and it serves as an internal benchmarking process meant to give hospitals the chance to look at their performance and to find areas where improvement is needed. Each hospital’s performance is evaluated based on its Appropriate Care Measure (ACM) score and the ability to meet all other national quality care measures.

Over the course of 12 months, Centennial worked to improve the quality of care for clinical topics related to heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia and surgical care. Centennial demonstrated significant improvement on all 27 quality measures that make up the ACM scoring system, meriting Centennial with the Silver Award.

TMF Health Quality Institute established the awards program in partnership with the Texas Hospital Association, Texas Medical Association, Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals and Texas Osteopathic Medical Association.


We care completely at Centennial Medical Center, where your family’s total well being is our reason for being.  Located off Highway 121 and Coit Road, Centennial offers an array of services ranging from maternity, radiology and pediatrics to sophisticated services such as neurosurgery, open heart surgery, and the latest procedures in joint replacement. We also have a 12-bed critical care unit to care for the most critical patients.

Our emergency department is fully accredited by the Society of Chest Pain Centers because of our commitment to high standards and quality of care that helps ensure our patients are neither sent home too early nor needlessly admitted during a coronary event. We are staffed with board-certified ER physicians, and our wait times are half the national average!

Centennial has all-inclusive maternity services that include a variety of classes, tours and support to help you prepare for what to expect when you’re expecting. We have private LDR suites, mom/baby rooming, care packages, as well as a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to ensure the best possible care in any circumstance.

Absolute care from absolute caregivers. It’s why Centennial takes tremendous pride in delivering the utmost compassion and care to all who enter our doors. Visit Centennial on Facebook and Twitter.

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