The Best Hospitals in Phoenix

There are many reasons to choose the best hospitals in Phoenix.

You can get the best medical treatment for your loved one at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Thunderbird Samaritan Medical Center, Banner Gateway Medical Center, or St. Luke’s Medical Center.

These hospitals are the best choices for patients in Arizona, and many people have gotten excellent care at one of these facilities.

You can also learn about the benefits of working at these hospitals.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

A freestanding pediatric acute care facility with 457 beds, Phoenix Children’s Hospital is the top option for children in the region.

The hospital is affiliated with the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Phoenix.

It has advanced technology and a team of highly experienced pediatricians.

Patients are treated by pediatricians who specialize in a wide range of conditions.

In addition to treating children, the hospital offers a wide variety of other pediatric services.

Thunderbird Samaritan

Anita Roberts, a registered nurse with Always Best Care, has recently passed away after a battle with cancer.

After graduating with an Associates degree, she began her nursing career in the oncology department of Thunderbird Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix.

She then moved into the operating room of Good Samaritan Hospital and continued her training in the field of surgical nursing at St. Joseph’s Medical Center.

After completing her nursing degree, she moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she worked at Lovelace Medical Center and then as a school nurse for the Rio Rancho Public School District.

St. Luke’s Medical Center

For more than a century, St. Luke’s Medical Center has been a mainstay for Phoenix residents.

The facility is located at 16th Street and Van Buren streets and is home to over 235 beds.

However, the hospital is significantly underutilized and is considered a “last resort” option.

If the number of patients surges beyond the hospital’s capacity, it would be activated for a period of seven to 14 days.

From there, the hospital would scale up in increments of 25 beds.

Banner Gateway Medical Center

Banner Gateway Medical Center is a newer hospital that opened in September 2007.

It focuses on pediatrics, emergency care, and general surgery.

The facility has 176 private rooms and eight operating suites.

It is also affiliated with Banner Good Samaritan Hospital, which opened in 1911.

It is one of the largest free-standing heart hospitals in the U.S. Banner is a national leader in healthcare, and has a reputation for providing exceptional care.

Mercy Gilbert

The Mercy Gilbert Medical Center is a 212-bed full-service hospital located in the East Valley of Phoenix.

The medical center offers a full range of surgical, medical, pediatric, and geriatric services.

The medical center also houses a 35-bed emergency department, cancer/oncology unit, and diagnostic imaging services.

It is also one of the best hospitals in Phoenix because it focuses on a variety of specialties and offers comprehensive, compassionate care to its patients.

St. Luke’s

There are a few reasons why St. Luke’s is one of the best hospitals in Phoenix.

First of all, the hospital has a great reputation.

It was once a small community hospital that offered basic medical care.

In fact, the hospital is operated by Steward. Second of all, it has excellent staff.

Its reputation has earned it a starred review in Forbes magazine.

Promise Hospital of Phoenix

Whether you’re looking for the best pediatric or cardiology clinic in the area, the Promise Hospital of Arizona is worth a look.

The hospital’s pediatric cardiology department is internationally recognized for its dedication to treating infants with complex heart defects.

In fact, its hospital survival rate is 98 percent.

The hospital’s doctors have won several awards for their innovative techniques, and their commitment to patient care is apparent.

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